I was just wondering if anyone has tried out the act that Banachek gives you and what was the result. Did it work well, what kind of reactions did. More than a set of lecture notes, this is a complete mentalism act from start to finish as used by Steve Shaw. Excerpts can be used as stand-alone in your show !. magic tricks forum – The Effect Banachek’s Pre Thoughts is a lecture notes booklet available from most magic dealers. It contains: 1) An.

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Magic Tricks

Find Out how to pay. When the card is shown banadhek is the exact match of the spectators card. For just 10 bucks, you get an entire mentalism set that contains some awesome effects.

The whole book overall is great and did I mention it is a full routeen? The Ellusionist Forums are no longer active. Illusions – Guillaume Botta View more. Be the first to write your review. I also have some questions on the routine as well. One spectator is given an envelope with a prediction.

Any Mentalist, amateur or professional, needs this in their library.

At Ellusionist, we have one goal: Here are my thoughts. Do you want to respond to this review?

This is a must have!! Shop with confidence thanks to our Price Matching Policy.

Pre Thoughts (German) by Banachek – Book

La Magie – Yannick Lacroix. Excerpts can be used as stand-alone in your show! This is an amazing book by Banachek. Marked Cards reviews. A volunteer has been holding your prediction the entire time, and at no point do you go near the prediction or switch it in any way.

That aside, a very good buy. La magie Collection Curieux de Next, he details each effect and provides thoughts and tips on them. Take some ideas from it and put together your own show – which I’m sure could be just as good!

The third part is the explanation for all of the effects. Banacchek proud to have the strongest Shipping Guarantee in all of magic. And he bored the pants off us all. Dictionnaire de la Prestidigitation View more. Copyright c pualib. We want to make you the life of any party. Fleur de Coin Par Richard Kaufman. Have a question about this product? L’Expert aux Cartes – S. Hypno Regular user England Posts. The cards are placed back in the thouvhts and an envelope with a prediction is given to a second spectator.

The beginning is his thoughts on magic and mentalism.

Banachek Pre-Thoughts

However there is a danger when a distinctive performer goes into such detail about his routines. Pre-thoughts is a fantastic mentalism pge from Banachek. After being seated you can give them a chance to switch chairs if they like.