Alexander Frater is a travel writer with the London OBSERVER. Born in the South Pacific, he learned from his father to respect the volatile climatic changes of the. Alexander Frater’s fascinating narrative reveals the exotic, often startling discoveries of an Chasing the Monsoon: A Modern Pilgrimage Through India. 20 May Frater, travel writer for the London Observer, follows India’s summer monsoon to the wettest place on Earth in this eccentric, sporadically.

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To ask other readers questions about Chasing the Monsoonplease sign up. He gets entangled in the bureaucratic hierarchy but ultimately succeeds in getting a permit.

The monsoon – a phenomenon that has India in a tizzy every year. He finds out how deeply the rains are ingrained in our psyche that even kings who ruled the water deprived state of Rajasthan build palaces that honored it. Though Frater did discuss some of the science of chasing the monsoon alexander frater monsoon and in particular the history of its study noting such famous researchers as H. The fascinating and revealing story chasing the monsoon alexander frater Frater’s journey through India in pursuit of the astonishing Indian summer monsoon.

We are holiday makers! Capturing India’s tryst, the joys as well as turmoils, with this annual guest, Frater also lays bare his struggles with the Indian bureaucracy, and thus carves a narrative that is raw to the core. An outsider’s take on India is always interesting to read. I love books that focus on one weird theme and then mix in people, places, history and science.

After primary school Frater was sent to Scotch College in Melbourne, and then attended the University of Melbourne as an undergraduate in the late s.

To me, the book was a revelation of how much the fratdr means to us Indians as a people. It feels like mother nature is lashing out at us in full fury, chasing the monsoon alexander frater us for the extremities we commit For 3 months in a year India experiences a unique phenomenon called the Monsoons. It’s quite a wonderful read, despite the technical details that intrude occasionally.

Chasing the Monsoon

There’s also a conversation with Pritish Nandy. Jan 14, Pradnya rated it it was amazing. Blandford, who beginning in became the first of a line of India-based climatologists who studied the monsoon and Sir John Eliot, his successor, often called the “father of monsoon studies”the book is more a travel than a popular science book, detailing what Frater saw in India and in particular chasing the monsoon alexander frater reactions to the monsoon or its unfortunate absence in drought-stricken parts of the country.

Every year we wait for rains with bated breath aexander our lives and livelihoods depend on it.

Share your thoughts with other customers. A very well researched book cgasing with facts and anecdotes from Frater’s wonder incducing journey of following the monsoon across India.

CHASING THE MONSOON by Alexander Frater | Kirkus Reviews

Without analyzing too much, I think one reason could be because I shifted from It is a part of our very existence, it defines us, it makes us resilient and even a little bit hopeful about new beginnings.

What comes through strongly is Frater’s respect for each person he interviews as an individual rather than as chasing the monsoon alexander frater type. It reads like a tight paced narrative fiction, but this man actually did chase the monsoon across Chasing the monsoon alexander frater, reporting as he went, with amazing courage, insight, humor and the personal touch that made his connections possible.

During the anxious period of waiting, the weather forecaster is king, consulted by pie-crested cockatoos, and a joyful period ensues: It is-‘ ‘No, no! After the long descriptions of I found the book overall a pretty good travelogue of India. He married Marlis d. The stories were not just rain-centric.

Frater is on a journey through India with the sole aim of following the monsoon from the tip of the south western coast chasing the monsoon alexander frater India all the way along the west coast up north to Delhi and then hopping on to Calcutta and then on to Shillong in North East Meghalaya and then ending the ‘pilgrimage’ in Cherrapunji, the wettest place on earth which gets nearly inches of rainfall a chasing the monsoon alexander frater.

About half way through, I became a bit bored by the seemingly endless description of his permit process to get to the far north.

Chasing The Monsoon

Though Frater’s father never visited Cherrapunji and lost interest in meteorology due to mounting family financial problems and the Second World War, Alexander himself never completely lost interest in the weather. For the rich people, it is a romantic event as they have parties welcoming the monsoon with whisky and wine and rejoicing in the company of family and friends in nice resorts.

Chasing the Monsoon by Alexander Frater. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. See all 26 reviews. There is something so ‘India’ about that.

Spurred by a chance conversation with an Indian couple in a neurological waiting room in London, Frater starts his journey from Kerala. Each week, chasing the monsoon alexander frater editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert. I learned a lot about the weather in India in this read. So it was all the more enjoyable for m This is, without doubt, the most fascinating travelogue I have ever read.

The wind struck us with a force that chasing the monsoon alexander frater our line bend and waver. Without being judgemental or rude, the author has simply written about the challenges that he faced traveling the length and breadth of India to watch the rains arrive He discovers Ayurveda in Kerala and its impact during rains and how important rains are for the treatment.

His story is more than a travelogue – it is a personal journey, following the chasing the monsoon alexander frater unpredictable monsoons throughout India and studying the impacts it has on the country and finally culminating in Cherrapunji.

The “monsoon cure,” which could be anything from specific diets to being massaged in special oils to meditation with the onset of the rains, was big business, particularly in western India.

Chasing the Monsoon by Alexander Frater

Additionally, people associated the monsoon with cures for a variety of ailments. I’m sure he could have found more interesting stories, had he chased monsoon through lesser known towns and villages of India, but chasing the monsoon alexander frater his limitations as a foreign national probably he couldn’t plan such an itinerary.

I originally picked up this book at home in India to read the next time I was off a trek in the Western Ghats. God has intended them for eating this very day. Tumblr Pinterest More Facebook Email.