Runkop Club Career DOUBLE HORSE 9116 MANUAL PDF


DOUBLE HORSE. WIRELESS RC HELICOPTER. INSTRUCTION MANUAL. Attention: Gyroscope technology is applied to this product. Please read the . Double Horse RC Helicopter G Hand Remote Control Shuang ma. Double Horse RC Helicopter Instruction Manual + Parts List. £ Add to Basket Double Horse RC Helicopter Tail Motor Shuang ma Parts. £ Supply double horse rc helcopter and all parts of double horse RC Helicopter Shuang ma Parts English Instruction manual book.

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Canopy Sticker It makes sense to patch some adhesive tape on a new new canopy where the flybar would hit it. It will also read each individual cell so when one starts to weaken you’ll know right away. Reduce flybar strikes Her is horee simple way to lessen the blow of flybar double horse 9116 manual on the canopy. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

How to Bind the Double Horse 9116 to a New Transmitter Controller

The problem is reduced and passes over time as the motor got run in. Blue or Red Choose color.

Need other RC helicopter double horse 9116 manual parts, please click here If you can’t find out the model of your helicopter on our site, please email us support feala. You will be exchanging a motor at a regular basis believe me Rebend in shape until straight again.

This is a toy class heli for sure buts its so much fun to fly Her is a simple way to lessen the blow of flybar strikes on the canopy. It mostly occurs on aileron servo right hand side, looking from the tail. Hodse repeated strikes bend the flybar 916, causing vibrations. They also burn out quick if are stalled throttled up. If it slows rotation only, install a new tail instantly.

Then hold the tx in your left hand assuming it’s in mode 2 and hold the throttle down with your thumb, switch on the tx, then before it starts beeping, switch on the doubl and quickly place it on a level surface, it should be bound when you hear the servo’s flutter into life and align themselves with the settings in the tx programming. When brushes are new, they do not completely touch the commutator.

A shape, cross, hexagon, Most models you need. Nov double horse 9116 manual, I recommend doing it only if double horse 9116 manual stay with the stock motors AND are a good enough double horse 9116 manual to get the throttle quick enough off before you crash. Do the same with the elevator servo if you are having trouble with bending the nylon servo arm there, too.

Nov 11, Flybar, often slightly bent at the weights. I can’t save doublf settings like subtrims or throttle curves on the TX. Manul Attachments in this Thread.

Double Horse SM SHUANG MA RC Helicopter and Spare Parts list

There are no bends or angles to hang up, just a straight rod sliding double horse 9116 manual the canopy. Long hovering sessions will stress your motors even more, ending in even less flights per motor.

You may also first break your new motor in before thinking of a bypass. Worried by Winter Condition.

Specials Slashed to Clear. Time to order a new tail assembly. Double horse 9116 manual also leaves five possibilites: That’s what the trim buttons are for. Click here for more picture details Specifications: Turnigy 9x and Double Horse rudder problem. Nov 18, I use a clear, glass-fibre reinforced tape for it – near to invisible and bears some beating from the flybar. The Angry Birds Movie.


Stay Informed Subscribe now and receive exclusive offers. If that doesn’t help: Retest, failing again means you’ll need a hofse PCB Check all cable connections, test resistances, plugs and sockets For specialists only to check – insert new PCB The Heli doesn’t stop turning counter-clockwise, even with all trim applied with buttons You encounter a lack double horse 9116 manual tail authority when trying to do a FFF banked right turn clockwise.

Canopy Spacer To fix the left servo horn touching the canopy, when the servo is at full throw forward. Your Shopping Cart is empty! Replacing the main motor Take off the ddouble, unclip the servo linkages on the swashplate Aundo the retaining screw in double horse 9116 manual main gear Bremove the complete rotor head assembly together with the hollow pipe and the main gear Double horse 9116 manual. Blade balancing It is always a good idea to balance the main blades.

Don’t try to compensate with weight on the left skid etc, this reduces only flight time and maxes double horse 9116 manual n’ wear. This particular one has 2 Super Loud Piezo Buzzers that will get your attention. TX still doesn’t bind Tried everything above. Speed is achieved by how much you pitch the nose down elevators while holding a manyal elevation by adjusting the throttle. Jan 06, ,