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18 Feb Given that, I expected Kenzer & Company’s HackMaster Basic to draw heavily on D&D Basic for inspiration. Other than its title and its cover. (4th Edition); (Basic); (5th Edition). Genre(s), fantasy. System(s), Custom, derived from AD&D system. Spun off from the Knights of the Dinner Table comic strip. HackMaster is a fantasy role-playing game produced by Kenzer & Company. It began as a. 11 Aug HackMaster Basic (free) – Congratulations! In a world where there.

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The rules have to stand on their own. This is an interesting design choice that I think goes part of the way hackmasetr addressing the usual whines about old school randomness without reducing HackMaster Basic to yet another bland point-buy system. Instead, Intelligence determines almost as much of your hit modifier as Dexterity and Wisdom changes both your Initiative and Defense.

And that, in hac,master nutshell, is HackMaster Basic. We haven’t really had an issue with the level of crunch as much of that is in character creation. Rather than simply accept that I like different things because I’m an individualI get people trying to hackmaeter to me that my dislikes are irrational and that I should give X, Y, or Z another chance.

Please log in to add or reply to comments. It was good fun, but finding people who wanted to lay it, and could create characters that could survive was always a struggle. Instead of cutting some of the actual content, they took the dice chapter from HM4 and added a little hacomaster it the day the print run was to start. The BEST advice is to just play the game with an open mind, ready to learn.

Views Read Edit View history. As such, there are no chuckles of recognition for me, just a sense of discomfort as I’m invited to laugh at these socially dysfunctional types.

One-click unsubscribe later if you don’t enjoy the newsletter. I really do like the basic underlying system here. I think if more people actually tried it out preferably with some props like I hackmsster they would have different view. Because the rules are shoddy, inconsistent, confusing, and don’t actually tell you how to play the bloody thing. In the 5th edition of the game, the setting has been switched to Kenzerco’s ” Kingdoms of Kalamar ” KoK setting. The continent reaches from the tropical band of Aldrazar to its Arctic Circle.

The guy makes a good point that a good group of people can make ANY game fun.

I have no point of reference for the people in those strips, because while I have met rules lawyers and exasperated GMs aplenty, no one I’ve ever played an rpg with has ever taken the game as seriously as the Knights of the Dinner Table. Just like in real life! I run a game just west of the GTA if anyone ever wants to give it a try. Within these pages he catalogues a collection of the most varied and interesting creatures that populate the Kingdoms of Kalamar.

It’s forward compatible with the complete ruleset but structured for people just getting into the game.


Speaking for myself, crunchy character creation isn’t something I look for in an old school fantasy RPG. I found the book to be a rather enjoyable read.

Michael is an enthusiast about a lot of things, including indie games, roleplaying games, board games, and comic books that wanted to help create a place where he could bring things to the attention of those with similar interests. KenzerSteve JohanssonJolly R. Sign in to get custom notifications of hackmasetr products!

JB- I hope I don’t come off as a jerk here, but I don’t think they are marketing their game as a “hand-holding-welcome-to-roleplaying-games” game. Glad you liked it, but my point is still the same. I really like the game, although I haven’t yet had a chance to play.

HackMaster Basic (free) – Kenzer & Company | HackMaster |

The printer can only accommodate 16 page increments and so they needed a few pages of filler. James Maliszewski February 18, at 5: I love the loose imaginative artwork as opposed to the super-detailed grim and gritty of mainstream RPGs. Your review of HMB largely mirrors my own feelings on this.

TJ February 18, at 4: You really have to play it hackmastef couple of times, and learn how smooth it flows, before you realize it. Time is measured in seconds — In most RPGs there is an ongoing discussion with what you can fit into a turn.

Not being part of that audience, a lot of goes over our heads or is misconstrued as something it’s not. I review plenty of things I haven’t played. It was not only incredibly patronising upon the part of the authors, it was also an utter waste of space that could have been better used to provide more monsters or more treasure, or even an actual scenario.

Greylond February 21, at 5: Tautological though it sounds, I think it’ll appeal greatly to the kind of people it appeals to. How can anyone honestly review a game without playing it? All in all, Basic is a well put together book that’s easy to read and, thanks to an index, easy to navigate.

Futile Position is a true labor of labor, which he hopes continues to grow through the support of the great readers who have come upon this page.