Pearson,Longman-HAT. Aanlyn woordeboeke · Taalportaal · Taalstrukture Have you seen the HAT Afrikaanse Skoolwoordeboek and Sakwoordeboek?. Dié Roekelose Woordeboek. sedert .. Snaakse Afrikaanse woorde in ‘n Afrikaanse woordeboek aanlyn. Afrikaans HAT woordeboek online. Stuur aan. Author: ANON. Publisher: PEARSON. Edition: 1ST – HAT VERKLARENDE HANDWOORDEBOEK VAN DIE AFRIKAANSE TAAL (SKOOLWOORDEBOEK).

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He was succeeded in as chief editor by Dr.

Handwoordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal

However, in spite of his enthusiasm it became clear qoordeboek again that for a single person to compile a desk dictionary in a short time from scratch is very difficult, if not impossible! This page was last hat woordeboek on 22 Marchat It soon became clear that the HAT had conquered hat woordeboek market hat woordeboek was accepted by users of Afrikaans as authoritative.

He left the service of RAU intwo years before his compulsory retirement date, to complete the woordebboek. What is a home without a HAT? Schoonees, a school principal from Vryheid. Hhat ten spyte van sy geesdrif is dit nogmaals duidelik: This acknowledged the high standard of Afrikaans literature and the important contribution of Afrikaans authors to the development of Afrikaans.

Woordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal: Elektroniese WAT Aanlyn

Help us illustrate our online dictionaries by sending us hat woordeboek photos. Perskor published the second and third editions of the HAT. There are dictionary and language activities, comprehension hat woordeboek, crossword puzzles, find-the-word puzzles … and much more to come. With the help of C. By Perskor sien die tweede en derde uitgawe van die HAT die lig.

Dié Roekelose Woordeboek

Something new each week. More recently he worked as project manager hat woordeboek the Oxford Bilingual School Dictionary: From now on you can refer to these dictionaries right here — all three on your screen simultaneously.

As in previous editions fixed expressions and idioms were treated with particular care. Here the contribution of Mrs Estelle Odendal should be mentioned, hat woordeboek recorded new and missing words from newspapers, magazines and books the whole time her husband was working on the HAT.

hat woordeboek In Odendal assumed full responsibility for HAT2. Or send us an email. By die bekendstelling van HAT5op 14 September op die Spier-landgoed buite Stellenbosch, wat ook saamval met die veertigste viering van die eerste verskyning van die HAT inword Odendal vir sy meer as 30 jaar lange verbintenis en toewyding aan die woordeboek gehuldig en hat woordeboek daar van hom afskeid geneem.

Feel free to browse regularly, and hat woordeboek you like what you see, we hope you will subscribe soon and become a full member of our Longman-HAT family. Retrieved from ” https: To ensure that the Hat woordeboek stayed in capable hands when he could no longer participate, Odendal proposed to Perskor in the s that it was time to appoint a second, younger editor.

The dictionary had a favourable reception, prompting Odendal to continue with the work with a third edition in mind. He hat woordeboek worked at ht state terminology bureau for three years hat woordeboek had served as co-editor and assistant chief editor of the WAT for ten years. In Perskor requested Francois F.

A commission of inquiry recommended that a board of control be established. In Perskor offered Francois F. Click to listen to sounds: Come work and play online. When the University of Stellenbosch realised it would be impossible to complete the dictionary on time, it took over from hat woordeboek Nasionale Boekhandel its part hat woordeboek the contract and posed an equally unrealistic t arget of five years for the completion of the dictionary.

Adverts were placed for the hat woordeboek of editor according to the plan this would be a hat woordeboek jobbut although many applications were received, the board back-pedalled and made no appointment. Thus a close connection was established between the WAT and the first edition of the HATa bond that would be broken only after Schoonees died.

At this point Odendal had published several papers on the lexicography.