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Projector Model, CP-X Technology, 3LCD. Price, Brightness ( Manufacturer Claim), Brightness Description, N/A. Contrast Ratio, 15 pin D-Sub (DB), 19 pin HDMI Type A, 24+5 pin combined DVI, 4 pin mini- DIN, 9 pin D-Sub (DB-9), BNC, RCA, RJ, mini-phone stereo mm. Purpose . Hitachi CP-X (CPX) installation and conference projector. XGA ( *) resolution, ANSI Lumens, kg. Interchangeable lenses ().

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The Professional Series projectors are suitable for a variety of installation situations. Cp-c10000 is one of the consumer electronics standards for transmitting digital video and audio sources. Business owners Sign up Hitachi cp-x10000 in. Power, reliability and functionality make the CP-X the ideal choice for permanent installations.

Hitachi CP-X10000 Projector

Its compact body sports a silver grey toned exterior. The Hitachi Hybrid Filter, is unique technology composed of four antistatic layers—a three layer honeycomb construction with one unwoven layer.

High End Installation Series Brochure In total, each model can create 1, billion colors. When the projector is hitachi cp-x10000 normal mode, it gives out 39 dB noise and it reduces to 32 dB in Eco hitacji.

The projector can cover a total range of 2. Reviews 0 Write a review bevctqcfbbzuyvre.

Hitachi CP-X10000

Unique to Hitachi, the Template function allows four kinds of template images black and white lines, black and white grids to be projected onto whiteboard and blackboard surfaces, facilitating writing or hitachi cp-x10000 guided by the lines of the templates. Be the first to review this item.

Vertical Auto, Hitachi cp-x10000 Manual. When operating multiple projectors, each ID can be changed, cpp-x10000 malfunction.

CP-X – Hitachi Digital Media Group

With its long-life and easy maintenance enhancements, this projector is ideal for use in retail, digital signage and other environments where the projector is in constant use. This projector is designed to fit into modern workplaces without any hiccup. For such massive power your CP-X gets by on a minimum of energy. This translates to longer operating life hitachi cp-x10000 enables installation of a stronger light source, achieving a greater level of brightness.

If there is a need turn the lamp light off during a presentation, simply shut the physical hitachi cp-x10000 shutter. Mechanical Shutter The shutter mechanically blocks off light, acting as a valuable tool for any presentation. hitachi cp-x10000

You can make presentations from any PC on your network as well as managing, hitachi cp-x10000 and controlling it remotely. Hitachi uses ELD lens technology Extra-Low Dispersion to guarantee resolution performance and colour convergence across lens shift areas.

Projector Accessories Reference Guide. Additionally, with its on-board high performance chip hitachi cp-x10000 2, This dramatically boosts reliability, resulting in an air filter that delivers over 10, maintenance-free hours.

The main advantage is flexibility. We offer the largest vertical and horizontal optical lens shift in the market to display bright and sharp images in hitachi cp-x10000 or awkward spaces.

With its impressive hitachi cp-x10000 levels hitachi cp-x10000 large image size capability, the Professional Series projectors are hitachi cp-x10000 for large conference rooms, auditoria, lecture halls, places cpx10000 worship or events and exhibitions.

Sony, Sanyo, and Mitsubishi have already adopted this feature. Single lamp system, DT lamp wattage not specified Lamp life: Hitachi cp-x10000 optional bayonet lenses provide great flexibility depending on the size of the venue and your projection needs. For large venues, these lenses are capable of creating images up to “. A double cp–x10000 drive coupled with LCD panels not only offers improved picture quality, but higher contrast as well.

Dimensions W x H x D p6. Currently no service providers are available in Fremont.

You can also send important announcements like scheduling information to several CP-Xs hitachi cp-x10000 multiple locations. It is possible to control a projector through a RSC cable.