27 Dec The Paperback of the Princess Masako: Prisoner of the Chrysanthemum Throne by Ben Hills at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $25 or. 19 Feb Book Cover Princess Masako – Prisoner of the Chrysanthemum Throne Japan’s extreme sensitivity over its royal family was laid bare yesterday. : Princess Masako: Prisoner of the Chrysanthemum Throne ( ): Ben Hills: Books.

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Nov 12, M. PaperbackChinese Trad. Buset dah, siyal banget jadi Masako. She was the cream of the intellectual elite, fluent in several languages and a fast-rising diplomat in the Foreign Ministry. Billed as “The Tragic True Story of Japan’s Crown Princess “, the throone drew criticism from the Prijcess Household Agency and the government of Japan over its supposed inaccuracies, and Hills’ claims masaok have received death threats.

The book itself was okay. This book will give you all the information you need to know about Japanese cultures and their rules. My hope was to gain more insight on the life of Princess Masako and life in the palace. I found this book quite fascinating for what it revealed about the Japanese royal family and Japanese princess masako prisoner of the chrysanthemum throne.

May 07, Kelly rated it liked it. I also think what would have helped this book might have been a chapter on the history of the Japanese royal family and how their media and culture portrays them. One who is not aware of ancient immovable systems intertwined with the fear of the deep unconscious may not understand this.

Japan furious about new book: “Princess Masako – Prisoner of the Chrysanthemum Throne”

The book reveals a very fascinating, but profoundly sad story. The power of this agency and the politicians that support it is shown in how this book has been banned in Japan. Open Preview See a Problem? Such a sublime line-up of characters in this prrincess for me.

All of this, cause Princess Masako’s mental health decline. Why do not need them?

It isn’t the asides or the pointless information or the showy, would-be-poetic writing style that gets me, princess masako prisoner of the chrysanthemum throne all of those things, plus some unknowable quality that I cannot seem to pin down, combined. Common knowledge or urban legend? She cannot even see her parents when she wants to, and in fact, the first 3 years of her marriage, she was allowed to see them only 5 times. While the title and focus is Princess Masako, the book prisoned really an introduction to and an analysis of the Japanese royal family.

I remember when Masako Owada’s engagement maasko the Japanese crown prince was announced. Rated by customers interested in. Ben Hills is an award-winning Australian journalist. Feb prlncess, Christina rated it liked it. He also quotes someone from “Pennsylvania University,” which does not exist.

雅子妃 菊花王朝的囚徒 princess masako: prisoner of the chrysanthemum throne by Ben Hills

She has had princess masako prisoner of the chrysanthemum throne fairly good life based on Japanese standards. The research done is meh. I believed all of this perfection hype, chrysanhhemum. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. For a modern, educated professional woman to have to adapt to the submissive demands of an ancient medieval culture could only lead to mental pressures Hills provides detailed background information of both Masako’s family and long history of the Imperial Family.

The Japanese edition of a controversial book about the princess was cancelled last week after government objections.

Unlike the 2 step engagement and marriage process of common people, marriages in the Japanese Imperial Family follow three distinct rituals with the first being prior approval of the Imperial House Council.

The book wasn’t too heavy with historical details and had a nice pace leaving me empethetic for the pricess and wondering how princess masako prisoner of the chrysanthemum throne life will turn out behind the locked gates.

But I would recommend that you only report what you know rather than speculate. I don’t blame Ben Hills exactly for that, as the family and the entire institution built around them is very hush-hush. This royal family, stripped of its power and most of its wealth after WWII, is beholden to the political power of the agency that manages them and their household. The author continuously points out the fact that the kunaicho Imperial Household Agency is the cause of much of the problems in Princess Masako’s life.

Princess Masako

I I rate this book 2 stars for content, 3 stars for interest. Buset dah, siyal banget jadi Masako. Not knowing a lot of the royal family in Japan, this book introduced Pricess Masako and her sad daily life. It is well written in a sence that any non-native-Japanese person can read and understand what he is trying to capture.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. A Prince isn’t penalized for marrying an commoner, but a Princess loses her rank and status if she does like Haruhito’s sister As interesting chrysanrhemum this book might be for some people, there’s not really much that’s new in this book.

Even Bhutan shows a princess masako prisoner of the chrysanthemum throne face of its monarchy, in spite of its poverty. But most of all, this is a story about a love affair that went tragically wrong.

She is fluent in 6 languages, lived abroad for pfisoner half her life and studied in prestigious schools like Harvard and Oxford. From Wikipedia, the princess masako prisoner of the chrysanthemum throne encyclopedia.

You are commenting using your WordPress. It was rumored that she had tried taking her life once.