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Samsung iDCS Keyset User Guide – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File The iDCS 28D keyset has 28 programmable keys, the 18D keyset has 18, and . SPECIAL FEATURES GUIDE. iDCS DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM. March Samsung Telecommunications America reserves the right without. When assistance is needed, contact your Samsung Communications Specialist. priority over automatic night mode ie. the system once manually set will stay in .

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Abandon Call List Reviewing Past Clip Calls samsung idcs 18d manual Call Forward No Response Locking Your Station Display Number Dialled Listen To Your Messages System Access Samsun Calling Other Stations Dial By Directory samsung idcs 18d manual Busy Station Camp-on Backspace With Lcr Forward All Calls Svmi-4 Flow Chart Voice Announce Mode Your Idcs System Setting A Programmed Message Making An External Network Call Forwarding Key Confirmation Tone Paging And Messaging Using The Tie Line Interactive Display Keys My Group Pickup Viewing The Next Clip Call Adding Extenders To Key Assignments Do Not Disturb dnd One Time Dnd Calling The Door Phone Program System Speed Dial Numbers Setting Your Answer Mode Lcr With Clear Advanced Programmed Samssung Dial By Directory Pulse To Tone Changeover Alarm Reminder Messages Program System Speed Dial Names Calls In Queue Now Storing A Caller Id Number Button Module With Keyset Setting Up A Conference Display Number Dialed Enter The Trunk Access Code e.

Keyset User Features Digital Communications System Transfer To Voice Mail Programming Personal Speed Dial Numbers Customizing Your Keyset Idcs 28d Keyset Layout Save Number With Redial Samsung idcs 18d manual Ring Plan Change Call Forward Unconditional Making Samsung idcs 18d manual External Page Caller Id Display