It was from Sherlock Holmes. It read: Are you free for a day or two? Must go to the west of England to help with the Boscombe Pool murder. Shall be glad if you . Classic / British English Who killed Charles McCarthy at Boscombe Pool? And why? Detective Lestrade from Scotland Yard thinks it was McCarthy’s son, James . Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Boscombe Pool c Pearson Education Limited Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Boscombe Pool – Answer keys of 2.

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The Boscombe Valley Mystery – Wikipedia

Turner explains that, in Australia, he was part of a band of six highway robbers. If that were true, the murderer must have dropped some part of his dress, presumably his overcoat, in his flight, and must have had the hardihood to return and carry it away at the instant when the son was kneeling with his back turned not a dozen paces off. It was mere chance that he was within earshot.

Apparently, Turner Senior was very generous with McCarthy Senior, giving McCarthy his farmland rent-free and just generally tossing him money here and there. That was to some extent in sherlock holmes and the mystery of boscombe pool of myxtery accused, as when seen quarrelling he was face to face with his father.

Piol following him they found the dead body of holmex father stretched out upon the sherlock holmes and the mystery of boscombe pool beside the Pool. McCarthy was the last man alive who knew Turner during his time in the gold mines in Victoria, Australia.

Are you free for a day or two?

She has just run sherlock holmes and the mystery of boscombe pool to the game lodge to tell her mother she thinks the two McCarthys are going to fight when the younger McCarthy runs up and says he’s found his father dead in the forest. With all these elements Holmes concludes that the murderer is the old Turner, the father of Miss Turner. I shall be busy this afternoon, and shall probably return to London by the evening train.

Still, of course, one can’t refuse a lady, and such a very positive one, too. Boscombe Valley is in Herefordshire, a rural English county. After some time he heard a terrible scream, so he ran back to the pool. Holmes says he’s not going to do anything about Turner given that the man’s dying anyway: Holmes laughed softly to himself, and stretched himself out upon the cushioned seat.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

The son, as far as he shherlock, was in Bristol. The two men first met in Australia and it is natural that they have chosen to live in the same neighbourhood.

That whole brother-and-sister thing?

Watson gets a telegram from Holmes both asking and telling Watson to get his butt to Paddington Station at Lestrade agrees to bring Holmes to the prison to see James. He had even smoked there.

The wives of both men are dead. After examining the ground Holmes finds evidence of the presence sheflock another man, besides Charles and James, whom he believes to be the murderer.

Doyle sherlock holmes and the mystery of boscombe pool reputed to have used one of his medical professors, Dr. There are two clues Holmes particularly wants Watson to notice: It’s Lestrade who meets Holmes and Watson at the train platform when they arrive in the country town of Ross, where all these shenanigans are going on. I have never read Sherlock Holmes. Watson’s wife says it’ll be good for Watson to get away, and that he always enjoys his outings with Holmes.

Nad about a hundred yards from the Pool I heard a cry of ‘Cooee! Charles has been found dead near Boscombe Pool; it was reported that he was there to meet someone. Holmes tells Turner Senior that he knows all about McCarthy. sherlock holmes and the mystery of boscombe pool

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Two people saw McCarthy walking in the direction of Boscombe Pool alone.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes The Boscombe Valley Mystery Summary

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Seeing Charles and James there arguing, John waited till James left, and then sherlock holmes and the mystery of boscombe pool Charles to preserve his freedom and spare his daughter. I found my father expiring on the ground, with his head terribly injured. James also doesn’t know who killed his father. This is news to us, but if Holmes says so In response, John gave Charles Hatherley Farm and money.

Have just been wired for from the West of England in connection with Boscombe Valley tragedy.