Full Summary. This product is included with purchase of entire Game Setup or any Deluxe Game with cards. With Strat-O-Matic, you are the manager – and. 29 Apr Somebody tracked me down on Twitter and asked if I had any other custom rules that I use when playing Strat-O-Matic. Why yes I do. But then. 0, On the roster for a pitcher what does the number to the right of the pitcher mean. by napakleen Tue May 29, pm. 6. Fri Jul 27, pm.

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For each ejected player, roll the sided Split Die for basebxll suspension duration. The offensive manager decides whether to attempt a steal. Subtract -9 from the baserunner’s second rating and do not account for the catcher’s throwing arm and the pitcher’s hold rating.

Ball Park Effects are based on a three-year period, although results for stadiums with revised dimensions or extreme weather data are based only on current data. So I roll that first to see if they even get to attempt. Now total the 3 dice. Deduct -4 if the defensive manager had indicated that he was “holding the runner on”, also take into account the catcher’s throwing arm and the pitcher’s hold rating. Advanced Strat-O-Matic limits the ability of low-power batters to hit homeruns off pitchers’ cards.

The defensive manager decides whether to hold the runner on base. Each manager selects his team and plays 9 men, one for each position, in his starting lineup. You would look at Gonzalez’s srrat-o-matic underneath column 2 to the number 4.

And with our wide selection of oldtimer teams and seasons, Strat-O-Matic is also an enjoyable way to learn about baseball history. And use each Strat-O-Matic rule as it was intended.

Expulsion requires the concurrence of four-fifths of the members of the Rules Committee. By the 7th Block, he has accumulated IP. But relievers in DH games who roll the against a DH could still get hurt. Each team must maintain a roster of no fewer than 37 and no more than 40 urles at all times, except for the period from the end of the playoffs until the beginning of the Annual Draft.


You are commenting using your Facebook account. For example, a pitcher with an endurance rating an endurance factor of 6 allows 3 hits to the first 3 batters in the sixth inning, his POW begins with the fourth batter of the inning.

Strat-O-Matic – Wikipedia

The defensive manager would then roll the sided die. This works as follows: For example, if the catcher’s throwing rating was -3 and the pitcher’s hold rating was -4, the total of -7 would be reduced to Any in-season rule changes, or changes to be applied retroactively, must be done with unanimous concurrence of the Rules Committee.

Strat-o-mativ seeding will then take place according to the numbers generated.

Each team will have a salary cap. For each team, make a separate roll of the red dice.

If any three members object to a rule change, it will be submitted to a vote of all League members, through a poll on the group site basebaall will remain open for two 2 weeks.

The batting team should put the current batter in plain view.


Designated hitter will never be used. A team could not trade away a pick until the conclusion of the draft.

The stealer above will have a success range of if stealing home while not being held, and a success range of 1 if being held. This number becomes his Closer Endurance for this game. Fielding ratings range from 1 star defensive player to 5 very poor. To download or view a sstrat-o-matic of the League Rules in Microsoft Word format, click here.

Draft order will be inverse to winning percentage in the previous season, with the exception of the first round. With the exception specified in Section IV. If the roll is higher than the highest safe chance, but lower than 20, the runner holds at second base. With a runner on 3rd refer to the following rules:. When a pitcher loses his effectiveness, he has reached his POW. But keep these instructions handy, because when you meet a new gamer, this booklet is the way to keep everyone playing by the same rules.

The positions are abbreviated as follows:. If the baserunner is not being held, add 1 to his running rating. A batter’s power rating may be found at the top of his card. He has separate ratings for his stolen bases and his ability to take extra bases on teammates’ hits. Within this section look at the play result next to the “E1” symbol for the final result of strat-o-magic play.